Monday, March 25, 2013

Aliyah's Birthday

On March 3rd, the day after Tikvah's first birthday, Aliyah turned four.  Grandma DeShon sent her an outfit to match Tikvah's new outfit from the day before.  She happily put it on and asked to have a picture with Tikvah.

Later that day, Aunt Evie stopped by to say hello and brought Aliyah another outfit, which she also loved.  Grandma Mary brought the Hello Kitty shoes as an early Easter present.

Aliyah requested macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner.

She also got her first taste of chocolate milk (Pull family four year old birthday tradition).

The only thing better than macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chocolate milk

is opening lots of presents.

My good friend, Julie, came through with a crocheted purse for Aliyah.   She was so happy to be a part of the crew with her new YELLOW and purple purse.

After presents we feasted on cake.  Aliyah's request for a cake was a yellow blanky cake

with Cappy (her bear) on top.

Despite the fact that the cake was grossly undercooked in the middle, she was happy,

almost as happy as we are that she's our bandicoot.

Happy Birthday sweet four year old.

We love you!

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