Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big Numbers

On February 15th we celebrated our 100th day of school.  Xandra has been working diligently each morning in her calendar book to record each day of school since our very first day way back in late August.  We started the morning with a celebratory breakfast.
While the girls are still talking about how I made a 100 out of their bagel and banana, it took them several minutes to figure out what it was that I made with their food.  Unfortunately, that is the only picture we snapped of our 100th day festivities.  In part, because it was a grumpy, uncooperative kind of day.  The kind you'd rather forget than commemorate.  Still, I can't let the day pass without mentioning it.  It feels/felt so monumental:  100 days!  Our first 100 days and we made it.  And it's been good, and fun, and challenging, and exhausting, and sometimes hand wringing, and eyeball poking.  But mostly good.  There's been lots of learning and growing for all of us and that is exciting and fulfilling and rewarding. 

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