Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pink, Red and White

With four girls in our house Valentine's Day is a big deal.  Hearts, pink, red, white and candy.  All little girls' favorites. 
For school time we abandoned our regular routine in favor of graphing and adding candy hearts, coloring worksheets and other heart day themed fun.
Tikvah was not impressed.  Xandra wouldn't have been either if she'd known she was actually doing math...don't tell her my secrets, okay?

In the afternoon we frosted and decorated some heart cookies I had cut out and baked that morning.

All four older kids immensely enjoyed this and then we packaged them up on plates and delivered them to several of our neighbors in the neighborhood.  People in North Dakota hibernate in the winter and so unless you go their home and see them you can go the whole winter without seeing the whites of their eyes.  It was good to say hello and bring a bit of cheer to their home on a cold winter day.

We rounded the day out with heart sandwiches, pink milk and frosted cookies.

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