Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, I Think

I turned thirty-five on February 10th.  The only picture we managed to snap of the day was this cake Joe decorated for me:


I think it says Happy Birthday, Trisha !35!  But it could also say something mean and nasty and I wouldn't know.  My husband has been trying to teach me Arabic for 5 years and I've not been the most willing student.  Maybe in the next 35 years I'll at least learn how to read "Happy Birthday" so I'll know if he's shooting straight when he writes it on my birthday cake at seventy.

For the record, I had a wonderful day having lunch with friends and opening many gifts.  We just forgot to snap a picture of anything but the cake.

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  1. You did something right, as I can read it even with my severely atrophied skills! :p

    If you want, you can use "a'id" ("festival/feast/holiday") in place of "yom" as well. Just don't add the article to make "a'id al-milad" (unless you have a Dec. 25th birthday)!

    Many (belated) happy returns,
    -Dave =^_^=