Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fancy Conclusions

It's hard to top the antics of a guy with juggling balls, rainbow hair and a red blow-up guitar.  It's pretty much impossible.  So we just admitted defeat and moved onto tea party bingo.


Grandma Mary joined in the fun.  Actually, she enjoyed the whole party at the table with the girls.  Theia (and all the kids) LOVED it.

Joey had no idea what he was doing, but he happily played along, just the same.

After bingo, when everyone had won at least one bingo and gotten to pick a piece out of the candy bucket, we moved onto presents.

This gave our waitstaff a few moments to rest.

We don't usually give them too many breaks because they eat all the food.

After all the presents were opened

and Theia had given out hugs for the gifts,

we moved onto cake,

and candles,

and licking the candles.  It's a strange habit, and I've no idea how it started, but all the kids get the biggest kick out of licking the frosting off the candles.  I let 'em.  It's their birthday.

Then we cut into the cake.

I may have even laughed maniacally.  Or not.  I really can't remember, it just looks that way.

Theia enjoyed the first piece of blue cake (another request of hers since it's her favorite color)

and reported it was delicious.

Grandma was demoted to dish duty, but she kept her airs about her.

The fanciest dishwasher in town.

Theia passed out party favors (a blue clutch I sewed with a ring pop and gloves inside) which I never took a picture of and the girls retired their tea party hats

at least for a few minutes.  

They never sit on a shelf for long around here.  We're much too fancy for that.

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  1. 1. I love the 1st present opening picture where all you can see is you, Theia's present and all the pink fluffy hats. Super cute.
    2. I love your scarf wearing. Very hip and cool.
    3.. Theia's cute is adorable. Great job, as usual