Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sit Down and Eat

There's a local diner in Bismarck called Kroll's.  I've never graced the inside of one but I hear they have great Kneophla soup (def. a thick, creamy chicken, potato and dumpling soup, almost to the point of being a stew, characteristic in German settlements in the Dakotas and Minnesota).  If you're ever in the area maybe we could grab a bowl together.

Aside from great soup, they also have a slogan near and dear to my heart, "Sit down and eat!"  I smile whenever I drive by one of their restaurants because I must utter those words no less than seven times a day.  The proprietor of that restaurant must have been a mother.  

One of the great obstacles to "sitting down and eating" for the kids is the digital frame that's housed in our dining room window.  They just cannot resist getting up to look at it when a favorite picture or video pops up.  Despite my incessant request for them to SIT DOWN IN THEIR CHAIR, the pull of the picture frame is just too much.  One evening Joe went so far as to strap Joey into his chair with a belt from our closet.  I'm pretty sure it took Joey less than five minutes to wriggle out of his "restraint" and hop down.  This is how we found him when we reentered the room.


It strikes me that the clever among you would simply say why not just unplug, turn off or move the frame?  To which I would reply, "Sit down and eat."

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