Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snow Spectacle

Our unexpected snow on April 8th turned out to be nothing compared to the blizzard that hit Bismarck on April 15th.

This spring snow dumped a mere 15-18 inches of snow on the ground.

As with most blizzards there was LOTS of wind.  That meant that some places around our house had no snow (see above)

and other places had large drifts,

the largest being just outside our sliding glass door.  We estimated this drift was about six feet tall by the end of the storm, although our picture taken a day or two later shows it much shorter.

The kids mostly enjoyed the crazy spring snow, although Joey had a mishap one afternoon getting caught in a  drift wherein he couldn't move and when he tried to move completely lost his snow boot in the drift.  This revealed that he was wearing no socks.  Theia, being a kind sister, left him alone in the drift to come tell me he was stuck and screaming.  I'm sure if anyone was watching they thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of the pregnant lady, 7 months along, clumsily navigating the drifts all around the house to rescue her stuck and screaming at the top of his lungs two year old and then carry him bootless and still crying back around the house.  Graceful is not a word that comes to mind.  While walking around the house was difficult and long, and the sliding glass door was much closer, the only way I could fathom getting to him from the above location was to dive head first into the snow.  That's a whole other kind of spectacle even I'm smart enough to avoid.

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