Friday, June 21, 2013

Reading List

There's a whole lot of reading that goes on around here.  The current reading revolves around The Boxcar Children, Xandra's current choice for reading on her own,

The Chronicles of Narnia,

as read by daddy,

and enjoyed by everyone else,

anything Tikvah can get her hands on to turn pages,

it's unclear whether it will be safe or destroyed, she's very unpredictable,

BOB books and beginner readers from the library for Theia, she's starting to read more independently now,

and The Little House on the Prarie series (on the bookshelf in the above picture) as read by mommy.  Grandma Mary also joined in the fun this week and shared Mr. Pudgins with the kids, a zany story about a babysitter who has interesting things happen when he smokes his pipe.

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