Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Firsts

Just a few weekends before we moved, Gramps came to town to teach another class.  On Saturday night he treated to dinner at the Golden Corral.  This was quite the experience for our kids.  I don't think we've ever had all five of them in a restaurant together before.  This wasn't just any restaurant, this was an all-you-can eat buffet restaurant.


Joe and Tim took them around and showed them all of the options while I stayed back with Tikvah.

Then we feasted.

 And it was really good.

I think the kids' favorite part was the chocolate fondue fountain, 

Xandra licked the bowl clean,

or maybe it was the cotton candy,

or maybe the spaghetti,

or maybe the five pounds of fruit we let them eat,

or maybe that we let them essentially eat whatever they wanted.  

I'm pretty sure that's never happened before, either.

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