Monday, June 10, 2013


Easter morning began with pictures

once everyone had their new duds on.

Then the kids opened Easter baskets.

They were very excited about new chalk,

new bubbles

and a few pieces of candy sent from our friend Ms. Carol.

Then  we took a peek at our customary resurrection rolls.  They did not disappoint.

Despite my diligent attempts to seal the crescent rolls, the insides were oozing out just like they do every single year.  I guess that's part of the tradition now, too.

After church we enjoyed dinner and a late afternoon egg hunt.  It was too cold/rainy to be outside, so we utilized the basement as our hunting grounds.

We found all the eggs but one.  We looked high and low and just couldn't find it.  Finally, I declared, "I give up.  I just need to sit down."

Joe, who had hidden the eggs, could hardly contain himself.  Guess where the last egg was?

My cleverness knows no bounds.

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