Monday, May 14, 2012

Visitors Of The North

During our two day stay in the hospital, we welcomed a few guests:

Cousins Liam and Laney

came with their mama, Auntie Beth and brought clothes for Tikvah,

some new for us as a present and some to borrow until we can recover our clothes from storage.

They held the baby and we took a few pictures while they visited, too.

That evening our friend Sheila stopped by with her two girls, Katelynn and Emily (not pictured) for a chat.

We also had a brief visit from Joe's other sister, Laura, in which we neglected to take a picture.  She couldn't stay long because she had a child sedated in the ER six floors below us after receiving a few stitches on the forehead from a nasty fall into the edge of a banister earlier in the day. 

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