Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Glance

Sunday morning the whole Pull crew came to the hospital for their first glance at baby Tikvah.  Everyone got a chance to hold and admire her.

First Xandra,

then Theia,

then Aliyah,

and finally, Joey.

After Tikvah had been showered with oodles of attention and affection, we turned to the next order of business:  popcorn.  One of the nurses kindly popped a bag for us, as we had no access to a microwave, and also returned with napkins and bowls to put the popcorn in.

The big kids feasted

while I changed Tikvah's clothes and

Joey tried to share his popcorn.

Tikvah modeled her new Jayhawk socks (thanks Andy and Lisa!)

and we bundled her up to head home.

We took a few family pictures,

the girls hung out on the bed,

just the four of them,

and then we piled in the van and headed home, filling all seven seats for the first time.

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