Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Girls

Despite the fact that February was a crazy month with home showings, selling our home, inspection work, goodbyes, and moving, we still took time to celebrate one of the best events of the month:  my birthday!  Our good friends, the Hulls, recent emigrants from Maryland to the hills of Virginia, came to our home to celebrate my and Heather's joint birthday and say a final goodbye before we moved.


I have no idea what I was saying in the above picture, but I'm sure it was witty.

I've no idea why the two of us couldn't look in the same direction, but we did figure out how to blow out the candles together (with generous assistance from Aliyah).  The cake, a delicious, chocolate layered sort, was from La Madeliene.  If you're ever there, you should definitely enjoy a slice!

For dinner, we met good friends, the Amans, at Cici's for an all you can eat pizza buffet

They kindly brought flowers, a card and a balloon.  We only took pictures of the kids, but all of us enjoyed the evening,

probably the adults, moreso than the pictured kids, but we neglected to take any adult pictures.  My favorites at Cici's involve the macaroni and cheese pizza (weird, I know, but so good) and the dessert cinnamon rolls and pizza.

As a birthday gift, Joe took me to see the Baltimore Symphony one last time in Frederick, Maryland at a quaint, old theater.  We heard Bach's Brandenberg Concerto, which features a lot of oboe (!), Mozart's trumpet concerto, which was very well played, and a few other very good pieces rounded out the evening.

It was a Happy Birthday, indeed!


  1. The Hulls are not recent "emigrants" to Virginia. They are natives (9th generation to be exact) of Virginia and finally returned to their homeland from the "other" side of the river.

  2. Just to be clear, then, the Hulls are natives, from a clan whose roots in the hills of Virginia stretch back to the days of hunting deer with bow and arrow. Some time after a particularly rebellious generation of the clan suffered defeat in the Civil War, they moved north to a civilized portion of Maryland. Nevertheless, these native Americans did not forget their roots and recently relocated back south to their ancestral countryside.

  3. To clear up any confusion caused by the previous poster, the Hulls' earliest Virginia ancestors include the first Sheriff of Blue Grass, VA and a Captain in the Revolutionary War (hardly cave men hunting with bow and arrow). The "particularly rebellious generation" referred to joined the Confederate army shortly after their "civilized" neighbors from north of the river burned down the family homestead. Their sojourn in "civilized" Maryland was a great trial with suffering only eased by the friendship of the Pull family.