Thursday, May 17, 2012

Settling In

After leaving the hospital, we stopped by Little Caesars to pick up our celebration pizza.  Much less fancy than our Celebration Dinner, but more suited for the fine pallates of our little ones.

After everyone, except Tikvah, enjoyed the pizza,

we took some time to get Tikvah setlted in and all set up in the customary Pull newborn bed:

a nice comfy laundry basket.

She seemed to enjoy it right away.

Joey found her immediately

and took the opportunity to try to poke her eyeballs out,

which he has kindly tried to do many times since then, never on purpose, of course, just out of a great inability to understand how his power and might dangerously transfers to a newborn.

These two, enjoyed her too,

and even managed to be gentle without too much effort.

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