Friday, May 11, 2012

Steak & Cheesecake

The hospital where we gave birth in Fargo has some unique and wonderful traditions concerning the births of babies.   Everytime a baby is born they play a lullaby throughout the hospital to "celebrate the miracle of life" (written on a plaque in the elevator).  The other thing they do that is unique and wonderful is they give the parents of the newborn a "Celebration Dinner."  The new parents call down to dining services, place their orders for steak or shrimp, preferred salad and sides, dessert, and time of delivery.  When the meal arrives, it is rolled in on its own special table. 

Joe and I were impressed with the spread,

the quality of food,

and the bottle of sparkling apple juice.

The whole thing was impressive, really.

We took a special celebration picture before the meal began. After all, we were celebrating Tikvah.

Tikvah fussed a fair amount through our meal.

 Joe thought maybe she was jealous and offered her some cheesecake, she wasn't too interested.

After our meal was complete our nurse stopped by to see how we enjoyed everything.  Then she said, "That date is on us, the rest are up to you."  Funny.  Tikvah's almost 10 weeks old and I haven't had steak and cheesecake since.


  1. Steak AND cheesecake at the same time, no, but we did have steak on Easter, remember?

  2. you lucky ducks! Looks so yummy.