Monday, May 9, 2011

Role Reversal

It has become a regular part of the fun at our house for the kids and I to traipse around after Joe at various 10K runs, marathons, and triathalons several times a year.  Not since a few months after Theia's birth in 2008, have I actually been in a race instead of on the sidelines of a race.  On April 9th, we broke an almost three year streak and I participated in the University Park Azalea Classic 5K Run.  This time Joe and the kids cheered from the sidelines.

The 5K was a fundraiser for a local elementary school.  The music at the start line was provided by a local high school band.  The girls had never seen a band before and I enjoyed telling them all about the different instruments.  When I told them that in high school I marched with a drum just like the big bass drums at the back of the band, they gave me disbelieving looks.  I guess it's hard to understand that I've ever done anything that didn't have to do with being a mommy, especially something so strange as walking around while beating a very large drum.   It seems like a different life to me and I lived it.

My two friends, Anna and Julie, ran the race, too.  It was the first 5K either of them have ever run. 


Almost done:
Yes, that is a young child running in front of me.  Yes, he beat me across the finish line. 

I like that Joe captured him in the picture. It reminds me of previous races and those who have zoomed passed me with seemingly no effort. They've include: 70 year old ladies, a joggler (a guy who runs and juggles simultaneously), a guy pushing a double stroller uphill, and a guy stopping every 100 feet to take pictures. I always joke that I'm just trying to beat the police car that follows the last runner across the line. So far, so good.

We all finished.  With the following times:  Anna (32:51), Trisha (33:31) and Julie (43:07).  Julie just finished her second 5K this last weekend, ran the whole time, and shaved five minutes off her time.  Amazing improvement for just one month!

Next up:  a 10K later this summer/fall.  Any takers?

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  1. 1. I love that you played a drum (and clarinet!)
    2. I love that Aliyah's stroller straps are much like restraints that are keeping her arms pinned at her sides
    3. I would LOVE to run a 10 K with you! Assuming I'm not pregnant or if I am that I'm not in pain :-)