Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Not to Love

Our good friend David, while in town for a conference, stopped by to say hi last month.

The girls loved having Mr. David around.  It might have been the My Little Pony shirt he wore

or maybe it was the astronaut freeze dried ice cream and edible moon rocks he brought from the Smithsonian museum,

or it could have been his cool voices as he read them bedtime books.

Whatever their reasons, Joe and I loved an excuse to stay up late playing games, chatting, and otherwise being irresponsible.  What's not to love when David comes to town.  It's fun for everyone!


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  2. Happy Easter Aliyah, Theia, Xandra, Baby Joey, Trisha, and Big Joe! I look forward to seeing photos of your celebration, unless you were too busy to take any...

    I finally caught up on your March and April posts--what fun times you have out there where you actually have spring weather! (We definitely do NOT go to the zoo in March or April!)

    Grampa Tim and I love you VERY much,
    Gramma Mary