Monday, April 11, 2011

This Place Is A Zoo

On March 18 we ventured to the National Zoo to celebrate a friend's first birthday.  It happened that this was the first really beautiful day of spring this year.  That meant the zoo was packed.  The zoo was so packed that it took us over 30 minutes to find parking once we got to the zoo.  Our friends, who were about 10 minutes behind us didn't even make it into the zoo parking lot before it hit capacity.  While they ventured into the nearby neighborhoods to look for parking, the kids and I enjoyed some sights on our own.

We started at the prairie dogs.  While they're difficult to see in the above picture, they were actually out of hiding and sunning themselves for all to see.

Next we were stopped to see this waterfall and the orangutans came out on the O-line.

The O-line is a special series of platforms connected by wires for the orangutans to climb on.  They hang right over the sidewalks and make a great view for anyone passing by.

After all of our excitement with the orangutans our friends called to let us know the party was ready to begin.  We hustled down to meet them and enjoyed a picnic lunch and birthday cake.

After lunch we saw the lions and tigers.

The lions and tigers put on quite  show for us, looking straight at us, yawning big and walking around.  After awhile one of the tigers went into hiding.  At this point our crew of kids started chanting.

The lions also had newborn cubs.  Thee cubs were out and playing, too.

Our last stop for the day was to view the elephants.

Aside from the parking glitch and forgetting to take the birthday girl's present, it was a trouble free morning.  That's pretty impressive for 11 kids, 4 moms, 3 strollers, a baby in utero (not ours!), and a bunch of caged, wild animals.  And, unlike our Halloween adventures with this crew, no one asked us if we were a preschool.

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  1. Do Orangutans poop while on the O-Line? Just planning for my next trip to the zoo.