Monday, April 4, 2011


March 3 is the bandicoot's birthday.  She's two now and she knows it.  If you ask her, "Aliyah, how old are you?"  She no longer replies with, "I no know."  Now, with a big smile she says, "Twoooo!"  Maybe spending a whole day celebrating the fact that she is two helped to solidify things in her little brain.

The day began with a trip to the Noyes Library with a few friends.  Noyes library is a one room library with toys and books just for preschoolers.  When I first heard about the Noyes library, I thought the person was saying Noise Library.  My original assumption was correct, it's noisy.  It was also fun, unique and a bit crowded.

After our library visit, which included some newly checked out books and no photographs because the camera never made it out of the diaper bag, we headed home for lunch.  Again, zero pictures were snapped of this portion of the day, but there were lots of kids and moms, muffins, fruit, cheese, milk and ice cream for dessert.

Once Joe got home we continued celebration with Little Caesar's Pizza.  This was a treat for Aliyah and for me.

After dinner we dug into the presents.

Aliyah got this Lil peanut doll from Aunt Tami and her crew.  You'll notice in the remaining pictures that she carried it around with her for the remainder of the evening.  I think she liked it.

Xandra and Theia offered as much "assistance" with present opening as we would allow.

Xandra and Theia's gift was the customary 2 year old gift:  sunglasses.  She's VERY happy to be apart of the sunglasses crew (aka Xandra, Theia, and momma) now.

There was also great excitement over this gift.

For Aliyah and daddy.

She opened the stroller and he got to put it together.  He feigns great dislike, but I know it makes him feel manly to put together girly things, I mean to use his hands to construct things for his little girls.

While Aliyah waited for her stroller to be finished, she took a rest on her new kitty pillowcase, made by momma.

Then she pranced around looking cool, supervised daddy's handiwork.

and spent sometime enjoying this new toy from Grandma D.

When the stroller was finally finished, she and Peanut hit the road.

While she liked her new toys, it didn't take much convincing to get her to stop playing and partake in some birthday cake.

It did, however, take lots of convincing to get her to pose for a picture with said cake.

After candles and singing, she got her first piece (kind of) of real sugar.




Happy birthday Bandicoot!

We're glad you're two!

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