Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Difference

It's Palm Sunday today.  One of my favorite Sundays all year long.  I love thinking about Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, reflecting on how he is Lord of All, and seeing the preschoolers of our church walk the aisles waving palm branches during the singing portion of our worship service.  I tear up every year.  Hosanna.  Hosanna.  He has come to save us. 

I was also thinking today how different these two were at this time last year.

On Palm Sunday last year, Joey looked like this and Xandra held her first palm branch in the preschoolers (not so) triumphal procession through the auditorium.

Today Joey is crawling and

Xandra's Palm Sunday experience was fun instead of torturous (Theia's also in the video, a few kids back from Xandra).  

Joe looked at me today after the kids passed through the auditorium today and said, "What a difference a year makes."  I couldn't agree more.


  1. I'm sad we missed it this morning. Both kids are feeling a little under the weather.

  2. I'm so sad we missed it too! I was really really looking forward to the kids and the palm branches. Next year I'm excited that Cooper will be old enough for it! seeing those elephant jammies on another little boy. :)

  3. Three things:
    1. Joey is STRONG! Look at him go!
    2. I love Palm Sunday too...I tear up every year watching the kids as well, and if I wasn't trying REALLY hard not to lose it, I'd be a blubbery mess. I was even this way before I knew I LIKED kids...pretty powerful!
    3. I forgot number 3.