Friday, April 8, 2011


St. Patty's day was much anticipated at our home and as a result, the girls were fully dressed in green from head to toe when I opened their door to greet them in the morning.  For breakfast we enjoyed some green oats and green milk and then headed to Brookside Gardens, a local garden that hosts a St. Patty's Day walk for preschoolers.  We started the walk in the craft area with many of our MOPS friends. 

The older girls were so intent on completing their hats that the rest of our MOPS group went ahead of us.  As we were attempting to catch up a few minutes later, Aliyah had to go potty.  At that point I gave up trying to catch up with everyone, went back to the potty with the kids and then enjoyed the rest of the  morning just me and my kids.

One of the stops on our walk was to run around this amazingly large holly bush.  It towered several stories above us and it took a long while for Xandra's little legs to carry her all the way around it.

Along the way we enjoyed a scavenger hunt.  We were given a card to check things off as we walked.  Here we are finding the leprechaun's gold.

We also found the rainbow and then the Easter bunny.  He's about a month early for his annual appearance, but he was so fun looking I couldn't resist the picture.  He at least dressed in green for the occasion.

We followed big green foot prints along the path and read lots of signs that held instructions and jokes, which were both mostly over the girls' heads.  One sign told them to hug a tree

and they thought that was pretty fun.

At the end of the walk, we found the leprechaun.  He even had an Irish accent.  I guess that means he was genuine.

He gave us some pea seeds, which we've already put in the ground.  He also directed us to a station where we potted a spider plant for each girl.  Xandra has been dutifully watering all of the plants each afternoon during naptime.  The girls each got a juice box to enjoy for snack and generally enjoyed the sunny, beautiful weather.

At the end of the walk, we found some friends enjoying a picnic by the pond.  We hung out with them for a few minutes and then headed home for lunch. 

When Joe got home the girls happily shared all of their adventures with him over a cup of green milk.  I chimed in with a joke I picked up along the garden path. 

Trisha:  Knock knock.
Joe:  (large eye roll, apathetic voice)  Who's there?
Trisha:  Irish.
Joe:  ...
Trisha:  "Come on."
Joe:  "Irish who?"
Trisha:  "Irish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day."
Trisha:  Hahahahahahahaha.

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  1. I love your joke. Seriously. And I love that you cracked up!