Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Farmer Joe's Garden: The Assistant Edition

There's one sign that spring has officially arrived at our house:  Farmer Joe has begun planting the garden.

Farmer Joe received a subscription to the "Seeds of the Month Club" for Christmas and has been receiving several seed packets in the mail each month.  It's like Christmas all over each month when he opens the envelope to reveal the new seed packets.  What a thoughtful gift! 

All of these new and different seeds lying around  has given him the itch to get things started a little earlier this year.  It was no surprise when I caught him planting the garden two weekends ago.

Not only does he have new, exciting seeds to plant, he's also recruited new help this year.

She can't read, doesn't like to get dirty, is inexperienced, and doesn't like vegetables.  

She does, however, possess some things that Farmer Joe's previous assistant has always been lacking:  desire, zero knowledge of the drudgery/futility of weeding, and patience.  I'm sure it will be a beautiful partnership.  Let's hope it's one that allows Farmer Joe's former assistant to retire her gardening gloves.


  1. The good news is that when Xandra does gain knowledge of the "drudgery/ futility of weeding" you can hopefully move onto Theia, then Aliyah, then Joey, etc... (and then maybe grandkids after that!).

  2. How on EARTH did Joe clear out all the pumpkin remnants????? WOW! Anyway, if Joe's planting, that's my cue. I wasn't sure if the frost danger is over (after today, is there any doubt?), but maybe Sunday I can plant my tiny little garden! What was the date for pumpkin seeds again...June 6th?