Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chicks & Eggs

Easter 2011 was filled with lots of fun.  Much like the jelly bean chicks the girls made for their friends at Easter. 

We spent the better part of a morning dumping jelly beans in bags, cutting out beaks, gluing on pom poms, feathers, feet and pipe cleaner bows. 

While the rest of us were prepping for and celebrating Easter, Xandra was still singing Christmas Carols and wearing her St. Patrick's Day crown.  Despite the holiday blending, we did successfully complete our Easter chicks and go on to fully celebrate Easter.

 After the chicks were complete, we moved onto dying Easter eggs.

Baby Joey supervised from his highchair.

While we waited for Easter Eggs to dye, Aliyah helped me make the next batch of our customary jell-o beans.  We make several batches the day before Easter to ensure our jell-o bean bowl is multicolored, just like a real bowl of jelly beans.

As another Easter custom, we spent some time deciphering Joe's writings on the Easter Eggs.  This year's writings included:  "You must be yolking."  "Paschal Blessings." and a reference to Humpty Dumpty. 

Easter morning the girls donned their new dresses and tore into Easter baskets before enjoying Resurrection Rolls that looked frighteningly similar to last year's rolls.

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