Friday, May 20, 2011

Cupcakes & Candy

Just before Easter, our candy bowl finally emptied of the last of our Halloween/Christmas candy.  This disturbed the girls greatly.  They weren't disturbed for long, however, because three Easter baskets and two Easter egg hunts later our candy bowl was filled to the brim and even overflowing with candy.  

The Wednesday after Easter the girls and I attended an egg hunt for our MOPS group that I helped coordinate. 

While Joey slept in the nursery, we hunted eggs outside

and with the help of our friend, Beth, bagged up our loot.

Then we ventured inside to decorate cupcakes, color and make a craft.  The cupcakes had frosting, green coconut and jelly beans for the kids to use to make it look like a nest.  Xandra took her job very seriously.

Theia took licking the frosting off her fingers seriously.

And Aliyah just went straight to eating the cupcakes, seriously.

We spent a long time at the cupcake station. 

As a consequence, we missed the coloring station.

They didn't seem to mind.

We also made each girl a boo boo bunny. The boo boo bunny is made from a washcloth and holds an ice cube to help owies feel better when the girls get hurt. They're fun and the girls have enjoyed playing with them.  We've experienced a sudden rise in the number of owies needing ice since the boo boo bunnies came to live at our house.   I can't decide if it's the sugar high from the overflowing candy bowl or the joy of getting to play with an ice cube until it melts that's causing the influx of boo boos.

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