Sunday, May 29, 2011

On A String

Earlier this month we left Joey at home with our neighbor, Ms. Carol and took a visit to Glen Echo Park.  On Wednesday mornings The Puppet Company Theater at the park hosts a 30 minute performance for ages 0-4 called Tiny Tots.  The kids sit on the floor of the theater, the lights stay on and a variety of marionettes and their manipulator put on a fun show for the kids.  Xandra and Theia were the perfect age for this performance.  They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance.  The show we saw was Baby Bear's Birthday.  This is baby bear:

and he has a similar problem to Theia,

he cannot for the life of him keep his pants up.

After the performance and getting to meet Baby Bear, we headed to the carousel for a ride and

paitently (or not) waited for our turn.

Aliyah's opinion of this carousel has not changed from last year. She did not like her ride at all!  Our plan was to stay at the park and play and enjoy a picnic.  The pouring down rain altered our plans and we ended up at a nearby mall for lunch and some playtime with our friends Audrey, Jillian, Faith, Anna, Madeline, Oliver, Ava, and Andrew.

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