Saturday, May 21, 2011

The World Will Never Know

Two year olds are unpredictable.  Sweet one moment, grumpy the next.  Quiet one moment, acting out the next.  Cuddling one moment, hitting the next.  You never quite know what they're going to do and knowing why they do what they do is an even greater impossibility. 

Take the simple act of putting blankies and dollies in a baby's crib, for example.

Just after Easter, I popped into Joey's room to get him up from a nap and found he was still asleep.   I also found that Aliyah had shared some of her most prized possessions with him:  her yellow blankie, polk-a-dot blankie, bear, and lil peanut.  

At first I was touched.  It's sweet to see your kids show unprompted kindness toward one another and I initially assumed this was the case. 

After awhile, I began to think differently.  I recall Xandra doing this to Theia once when they were both napping in the same room at a friend's house.  She emptied the entire contents of a friend's dresser drawers into the pack n play on top of Theia.  I think she threw a few pillows in there for good measure, too.  Reportedly, Theia was laughing under the pile of suffocation hazards when our friends discovered her.  I also recall finding their credit card in the pack n play two months later.  They still talk to us and everything.

I like to think Aliyah was being sweet sharing her most treasured things with Joey, but I'm not so sure.  History would indicate that the real reason may be that there's just something really cool about dumping things into a crib on top of a sleeping baby.  I'm guessing that she's just not as good of a shot as Xandra, so her things ended up next to Joey instead of on top of him.

There is one other possible, sweet, explanation.  Around the same time as the above pictures, Xandra had taken to making up Aliyah's bed for naptime.   One afternoon while Xandra was getting ready for nap, she came running to me and asked me to come see what she had done.  This was the result.

 Maybe Aliyah was just trying to make Joey's bed nice like Xandra had done for her.

One thing's for sure, the world will never know. 

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