Monday, May 30, 2011


It's Memorial Day.  This day always makes me think of my grandfather. 

He served in the United States Army and was wounded in two wars defending the freedoms we enjoy today.  My grandfather and his family was forever changed by his wartime experiences.  Many of those changes were difficult.  Today, as I reflect, I'm grateful for him and the sacrifices that he, my grandmother, my father, and each of my father's siblings made to preserve our freedoms.

I'm also thinking of a few other families today who we know whose husbands and fathers are deployed overseas while the moms/wives are home with young children, bravely holding down the fort, awaiting their return.  These pictures made me think of you.  They also made me cry.  We're praying for you and I look forward to celebrating their return.

Today we remember and thank each of you:  Grandpa, Dad, Grandma, Maureen, Doug, Carter, Cooper, Nina, Steven, Lily, and Mason.  Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

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  1. I think that Joey looks like Xandra in this picture. I think it is the eyes.