Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Projects

Fall at our house has meant lots of small home improvement projects.  We've torn down, repaired and painted a fence, painted the shed outback, painted the ledge that goes around our house, painted some steps on a patio, painted the area around our house numbers, repainted our famous trash rack, touched up paint on the firehouse, cleaned out a shed and disposed of three dead rats, got rid of a brush pile with three trips to the dump, replaced the outlets and light switches around the house, ripped apart a rotting bench and threw it away, gave away two broken lawn mowers, and that's just the list I can remember.   It feels good to take care of these projects.  It's tidying up our house and making it look fresher and cleaner.Sometimes, however, it's good to just stop on a weekend and do something different.  Here's a look at another kind of Saturday afternoon project we worked on last weekend.

It was a family affair.  Even I helped.  I tend to think of blocks and building as daddy's territory.  He's very good at it.  He spent many, many hours as a child building out of legos.  This time, however, they were having so much fun, I couldn't resist joining in.  Theia and I worked on the yellow part of the great tower.

The finished project was taller than Aliyah,

with lots of steps that I was glad I didn't have to climb,

and three very proud architects/builders/designers.

While it didn't spruce up the outside of our home, it sure made the inside a lot nicer. 
It's my favorite project all fall.  It didn't involve any paint and it only took an afternoon to create!

It also only took about 30 seconds for this guy to demolish. 

What are little brothers for?

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  1. Love the tower. Sweet Joey...I just want to snuggle him all the time. He's probably thinking to himself, "Who is this crazy lady kissing my head?" It's his own fault for being so cute.