Thursday, November 10, 2011

Someones In the Kitchen

Baking around here is a family affair.

Even the littlelest among us won't be left out.

After all, someone's gotta throw the butter around,

and put it back in the box,

and take it back out again,

and put it back in again, etc.

And if one kid's doing it,

then everyone else has to also.

I did limit the rolling out of the cookies to these two turkeys.

That's what naptimes are for...division of labor.

They were excellent pumpkin and leaf makers.

They were also world class decoraters.

The proof is in the aftermath.

In case you're wondering, we took Joey down from the counter for the decorating.  He preferred to supervise

from the comfort of his high chair.

The finished prodcut was delicious, thanks to the help of four little someones in my kitchen.

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