Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There's a lot of creative expression around here, and I'm not talking about the drama that comes with four females living under one roof.  I'm talking about masterpieces like these:

from Theia

from Xandra,

and from Aliyah.

This was a craft from MOPS.  Really the first craft Aliyah has made successfully in her young life.  Even after two other children, it's still exciting to see her making little crafts.

Theia's first week of preschool Sunday School she met me at the door and announced two things:

1.  They had juice for snack!
2.  A short recitation of that they learned about a fire by night and a cloud by day.  Her teacher was standing right there and I think she was pleased to realize that at least someone caught what she taught that day.  This is the accompanying craft.
I love how different my children are from one another.  After two years of questions and prodding of Xandra, we've never received this much information about Sunday School and Cubbies combined.

Moses from Theia 

and from Xandra.

One of Xandra's Sunday School teachers has been bringing watercolors for the kids to use.  She reports that Xandra is very careful and works VERY hard on her paintings.  I can tell.  We've been very impressed with the results.

An assignment from Character Builders last week:




This was also a Character Builders assignment.  It includes Xandra's first drawing of a house (our house) as well as some birds (she made sure to tell me that the M's were birds) and everyone in our family (Joey's in there somewhere but I can't find him at the moment).   The Sesame street stickers were an added bonus.  They weren't part of the assignment.

We also love Strawberry Shortcake (Xandra),

princesses (Xandra),




self portraits

and anything else we can find to color.

Liyah (above and below)

Theia (above and below)

Of course, we've got seasonal decorations, too.


Xandra (left) and Theia (right).

Seeing their masterpieces develop over time from scribbling messes to recognizable pictures and artwork is a tangible reminder of the change occurring before my eyes in the form of three little girls.  It's a beautiful masterpiece, too.

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  1. Smile! These are great! I love that Liyah colored the pumpkin patch in orange for her "homework" :D