Friday, November 4, 2011

If I Had A Bucket List

surely this evening would have been on it.

Through some divine miracle, I was able to convince these six ladies and a newborn baby (she didn't actually have any say in the matter) to drive to the middle of nowhere, MD (aka Accident, MD) for a Sara Groves concert, an artist whom I love, but of whom most of them had never been exposed to...I think it was the unbeatable combination of a just ladies, child-free Saturday and late night roadtrip with drive-thru milkshakes.  A mingling of the present as we drove around in our super hip minivan, talking about the very kids we were taking a break from; and the past - driving around late in the night, gulping fast food, laughing, and enjoying each other like a bunch of college kids.  

After a 2 1/2 hour drive, we landed at a very hometown Italian diner-esque establishment.  The food was good

and so was their humor.

It took some of us awhile to digest the humor of the above sign.  It's okay if you need to read it twice, too.

The concert was held at a very small Mennonite Church in Accident, MD.  The concert had a very intimate feel because of the location and because of the attendance at the concert, which was small. 

A few notable things about the concert:

1.  Just prior to the concert, Naomi and Baby Lucy attracted the attention of a kind, dark haired woman in the hallway, who stopped to chat with them and oooh and ahhh over Baby Lucy.  When Sara Groves came out on stage, Naomi realized that kind woman was Sara Groves!

2.  There was a string bass and cello used in several of her songs throughout the evening.  These are incorporated throughout her recordings and it was wonderful to see in the concert setting, too.

3.  Other things that were delightful about the concert:  She brought her two older boys out on stage, she sounded just as good in person as in her recordings, the concert wasn't showy or flashy, just very much in line with her music and what one would expect at a Sara Groves concert.

Afterward, we congregated in the hall to talk about the concert.  Lauren had gone ahead to the CD table and wouldn't you know that when we came around the corner, Lauren was TALKING to Sara Groves.  I, of course, immediately wedged my way into the conversation, while everyone else hung back to watch me make a fool of myself.

I felt like a 13 year old girl meeting a famous person for the first time.  I think I may have even said that too her.  I'm confident I said nothing intelligent, and I still had a swollen/bruised cheek from my wisdom tooth extraction, so I couldn't fully smile without pain,

but she sure looks captivated, doesn't she?

I think she was probably wondering when this lady was going to shut up and move on.  We did eventually move on, but not before she signed a few CDs for me and I bothered her

for another picture.

We took one last group shot for the evening, and I had the self-control to leave Sara Groves out of it,

From left to right:  Maureen, Trisha, Rian, Christine & Baby Lucy (she belongs to Naomi), Anna, Naomi and Lauren
then we stopped by to talk to Audrey Assad, the other artist at the concert, who was also VERY, VERY good.

She happily held baby Lucy and cooed at her a bit, signed a few CDs and then we began our slow descent back to reality, but not without a stop for chocolate milkshakes on our way.  I find a chocolate milkshake always helps ease the transition, at least until the next morning.  Reality was harsh at seven the next morning when my kids came bounding into my bedroom happy to see me again.  At that time all thoughts of milkshakes and music were long gone from my sleep-deprived brain.    Over breakfast I sat and told Joe about every detail of the concert.  He patiently endured my monologue and then we rushed out of the house to church, where I saw a few of my other happy, but sleep-deprived cohorts in the halls.

ITunes continues to play a steady stream of Sara Groves and Audrey Assad these days.  I've always enjoyed their music, but now I've got a few fond memories attached to the songs being played.  I'm looking forward to our next adventure.   Anyone up for hot air ballooning?  Don't worry, we can get milkshakes afterward.


  1. You bet I'm up for it! Let's see where the Sienna takes us on our next adventure!

  2. Thank you so much for including me!

  3. It was a fun adventure for sure! And Lucy loved it too. (Besides the screaming on the way home). I'm not sure about the hot air ballooning though. I'm not sure how that goes with a fear of heights. But, it could be super cool.