Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kittens & Candy

On October 31st we had three little kittens,

who lost their mittens.

and one little brother who found them.

Our three little kittens, had three unruly tails,

cute little faces,

small black ears,

and signs inquiring if anyone had seen their mittens.

They also had a little brother, even more unruly than their tails,

who made off with their mittens and our neighbor, 

Ms. Carol's entire bag of candy.

 Ms. Carol thought it was funny.  The kittens did not.

After recovering the candy and the little brother, we took another, happier picture,

visited our other neighbor, Ms. Lena

and set off for our friends' place, The Holmes, in search of mittens and more trick or treating fun.  Before the trick or treating got under way, we carved a pumpkin with Mr. Brad.

While he carved, he talked about our sin being like the inside of the pumpkin...gross!

He shared about how once we allow God to take away our sin, like we scoop out the pumpkin seeds,

His light can shine bright in us from the inside out, just like a jack-o-lantern.

Once the pumpkin was finished, we headed out for more trick or treating  with this crew.

Front row:  Minnie Mouse x 2 (Ava & Annie), Spider Man (Ellie), a princess (Faith), a knight (Andrew),
Middle Row:  Three Kittends (Aliyah, Theia, & Xandra), a princess (Jillian), Joey (as himself)
Top Row:  a flower (Anna), and Nemo (Bennet)

After trick or treating, we enjoyed another Halloween highlight.  Our three little kittens (aka farm cats) who lost their mittens, found their mommy and daddy some $2.00 Chipotle burritos for dinner (Chipotle ran a promotion that if you dressed like a farm animal, they would sell you a $2.00 burrito on Halloween).  For their kindness to us, they each enjoyed an extra piece of Halloween candy.  We have found in the weeks since that despite their difficulty with mittens, our kittens seem to have no problem keeping track of their individual buckets of candy.  Funny how that works.


  1. Sweet! Those are the cutiest little kittens and mitten-stealer that I have ever seen! I'm glad you had a happy halloween.

    Since you didn't get to come to my door, I'm saving some candy for you when you come for Christmas, so remember to say, "Trick or Treat!"

    I love you all!

  2. How fun to trick or treat with all those cuties!