Monday, November 7, 2011

Sneak Peek

Clancy had his first photo shoot three weeks ago.  I never tire of getting a sneak peek at all of those moving, working parts on our babies in the womb.  It's such a miracle to see those perfectly formed parts of the body on a 20 week old baby.  It really causes me to be awestruck at God's power to create.  Only he could do something so amazing.  Clancy looks good and all his parts are there and healthy.

He's got spine & ribs (above), 

and four chambers to his heart.

His heart was beating along at 150 beats/minute.

We saw two arms,

Two feet (above & below),

Two hands (above & below),

a face

and a profile.

The only thing we didn't see was Clancy's gender.  The technician didn't even look.  That's okay, we'll get another chance to check in about 17 weeks.

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