Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Aliyah spent some time in great fascination over Grandma DeShon's washing machine.

I think it's cool because it's shiny red.

She thinks it's cool because she can see inside. 

In the following video, I think, along with a lot of gibberish I can't understand, she says "Mama" and "Mine," as she sees the her and my clothes tumble by inside the machine.

She looks so little and cute standing next to those tall machines.   Somedays, like today, I wish she'd stay that way forever!

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  1. My parents also have these fun appliances (though in a boring white :), but I have to admit, it was my mom, Nate and I staring in fascination the first time we washed cloth diapers in it. I'm pretty sure I prefer stuffing then in my washer and not seeing the poop smear all over the window, but it sure was fun. :)