Friday, February 18, 2011

Boys, Girls and Their Grandpa

At Grandma Mary's house, there's a Grandpa Tim.  He always helps make the trip fun and memorable. 

There's not much testosterone at Grandma Mary's house.  At least not in comparison to the amount of estrogen. Out of ten grandchildren, only two of them are male.  So when the guys get together, they like to act like men and do masculine things.  Things like pick their noses, 

sleep, and just be guys together

Until, of course, Grandpa Tim wakes up.  Then he puts the little boys in pink dolly cribs.

And we run and get the camera.

And take lots of pictures.

It seems Joey doesn't get enough of this kind of torture at home. 

And then there's reading time with the girls. 

Everyone reads together...

on their own.

Actually, the reading usually looks more like this

and this.

And among his many gifts and talents...

strange head gear (see final picture in the post).

He's a man of many talents and interests (pics 8, 9, 10, & 11). 

It's why he's so fun!

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