Sunday, February 20, 2011

The First Snip

Grandma Mary's kitchen was the site of Xandra and Theia's, long awaited and much dreaded (by their mother) first haircut.  After four years, Xandra's ends were in need of a trim and Theia's hair, which has only existed for about a year, was in need of a different shape to it (read: no mullet).

I promised a special treat if they sat very still and did everything we asked them to do.

Then I made about five snips with the scissors and handed them over to Bethany, Joe's sister, and let her do the rest.  She's much braver than I and has more experience cutting hair, too.

Xandra did very well and Auntie Beth did a great job trimming up her hair.  She was off the chair, eating her sucker and playing in no time.

Theia, on the other hand, is a squirrely two year old and cutting her hair was much more difficult.  It was simply impossible for that child to sit still long enough to make even one snip with the scissors, that is, until we gave her a lollipop to eat WHILE we were cutting her haircut.  Then she sat quiet and mostly still while Auntie Beth trimmed as fast as she could manage.

The first haircut experience wasn't as dreadful as I imagined, and having their hair nicely trimmed is rewarding, even if I only did about 10% of the actual trimming.

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