Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Problem

While those born and bred in North Dakota handle with grace and a shovel,

our children cry, whimper and complain and run for the indoors.  The pink in the lower left corner of the above picture is the backside of Xandra's coat headed into the house.  She wasn't even outside long enough for us to take her picture before she started crying about the cold and about the snow getting on her gloves and shoes. All this while her one-year old cousin, Laney, quietly sits in a snow drift, and her two year old cousin, Liam, shovels snow from the porch.  Every since this incident Xandra regularly announces her dislike for snow and wintertime.  After Xandra's done griping, Theia immediately chimes in with the story of how she fell off of the sidewalk at Grandma Mary's house, face first in the snow and couldn't get up on her own.  Not really a happy snow memory for her either. 

I guess when you live in a place where the forecast for February 18 is 67 degrees, you get a little uncomfortable in two feet of snow and single digit temperatures. 

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