Friday, February 25, 2011

Children At Play

While in Lincoln we ventured back to the Children's Museum for a morning of fun with the crew at Grandma D's.  We even talked Aunt Tami into coming with us.  Having Tami along turned out even better than we originally thought since the girls nominated her to be the face painter for the morning.  They wanted butterflies and puppy dog faces.

She didn't just paint their cheek, she did their WHOLE face.  The girls thought this was soooo great.

Joe wasn't too excited about the face painting, so he entertained himself with this  rubberband board while the kids had their faces transformed.

Can you tell what he made?  Can you tell what the girls below were transformed into?

One of the favorite stops last time was the water works area.  This time was no different.

The kids spent a long time playing and exploring with the water.

Theia took Nick for a boat ride and from the looks of it, she needs some work on her driving.

The big  jars filled with colored water were equipped with a mallet so you could play "music" with them.  They even had songs typed out on paper which told you what jar to hit to create the indicated song.
Aliyah was wet from head to toe, but she didn't care at all.

She happily played at this sailboat for a long time.  Last time we visited she wasn't tall enough to see over the edge on her own.

Nick and Joe also spent a long time tormenting Grandma DeShon, who likes roosters, by trying to get her picture with one of the fowl.  She was annoyed and they were having a grand old time.

Unbeknowst to her, they finally succeeded.

There was also a special exhibit all about the jungle.  Joe convinced Theia to check it out with him.  They both got dressed up for their safari.

Xandra, who was playing dress up with Emma, could not be convinced to participate in the safari.

After awhile, Theia grew tired of the safari and Joe was left to explore on his own.  He made a friend a long the way who to whom he bore a great resemblance.

Then he tried to convince Aliyah to wrestle alligators (or is it a crocodile?) with him.

She just walked by, uninterested,

and continued on her journey.

Later, he was obsessed with capturing this picture for our friend, David.

David, if you read this blog, could you please explain my husband's insistence that we take this picture for you?

After a few hours, dead camera batteries, hungry tummies, and tired kids, we ended our adventure with lunch next door at Noodles & Co. and a much needed nap back at Grandma's house.

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