Friday, March 4, 2011

Sleep Sweet Sleep

About a week before Theia turned three, we decided it was time to change up the sleeping arrangements at our house.  The change was prompted by a noisy baby monitor that was keeping us awake through the night.  Instead of buying a new monitor, we decided to just move Joey to the nursery and promote Aliyah to the big girls' bed.

If you're ever in need of a bed that will accomodate three small kids a full size bed works very well. 

That's not the only change we're seeing around here.  Lately, I've been getting up early to run.  Look at who's been taking my place in the warm bed next to daddy.

That makes me want to climb back in bed instead of go out for a run!

Since moved Aliyah out of the crib, we've also had to rearrange napping locations.  Aliyah stays in the girls' room, Theia uses our bed, and Xandra bounces between the sunroom, living room, and floor of Joey's room depending on her mood.  On one recent day I found her asleep in the sunroom in this unique position.

Joe is a sound sleeper, who can sleep in many a situation where I would be rendered incapable of sleep.

I'm guessing she gets this from him. 

 I'm guessing that's also the explanation for this:

minus the thumb.  He gets that from me, although I gave it up many years ago.  His Auntie Laura, however, does still sleep with her eyes covered and ears plugged.  Around here, that might not be a bad habit to develop.

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  1. I think Grampa Tim passed on the sleep-anywhere gene...