Friday, March 25, 2011

Chaotic Delight

Exhaustion. Chaos. Two words most people associate with having four children, 4.5 years old and younger. It's true that we do experience our share of each in our home.

Fun. Delight. Two words that encapsulate what we think of having four young children in our home (there's more to it, but let's not be too serious). Children are so full of both.  And so are we as parents  as we watch them grow, develop and interact with the world.

The following videos are just a few examples of the kinds of things Joe and I regularly see. The kind of moments that make two parents look across the room, catch one another's eye and give a knowing smile.

The Farmer and the Dell
I was working at the counter across the kitchen while Xandra and Theia were playing with beads.  When they started singing I quietly slipped from the room and came back with the camera.  I shot this video over my shoulder so as not to bring attention to the videotaping and risk missing getting this moment on video.

Book Buddies
A spontaneous sister moment over books.

Running Circles
It's strange, but true. The thud of the deep freeze door slamming closed prompts my children to run to the kitchen and beg for a frozen green bean. Once they've got their green bean in hand, they run shrieking (it's not too loud)around our kitchen island, all the while eating their green bean. I have no idea where this bizarre ritual came from or even when it started. It's just what happens everyday as we prepare meals. In the video they've actually got candy instead of the traditional frozen veggies. Despite the missing beans the video captures the ritual well.

I'm not a natural in the delight category. I'm more prone to grumping and complaining. But slowly, slowly I'm learning to appreciate the gifts God has given, especially the ones shrouded in chaos and exhaustion. They bring the most delight, but they're easy to miss if you're not looking.


  1. Good. I like to see that they were excited over candy, too. :) Kids are so funny! The videos were cute, I love the peek at everyday life in the Doolittle house!

  2. As I was watching the last video, I was just smiling at first. Then I started laughing out loud! It's hilarious! Definitely embrace it :-)