Wednesday, March 2, 2011


They sing with mouths so big.
There are four, just like our kids.
Red and green share their space.
Purple and yellow need their own place.
They each have their own unique song.
And my favorite thing, in harmony they sing a long.

See if you can guess two of their individual songs on this video:

Below, their harmony:

Of all of the noisy gifts my kids have received, this one's my favorite.  It's a music lesson in a toy:  harmony, arpeggios, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and on and on.  Endless fun for a music nerdy momma like me. 
Thanks, Aunt Tami.

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  1. I have seen those in Target and thought, "I am so glad no one bought this for my kids." But, they are pretty cute all lined up there together. I'm glad you are finding the educational benefit of them.