Thursday, March 10, 2011


Theia got a pack of window markers for her birthday.  The girls have enjoyed using them to decorate our sliding glass door in the living room. 

Of course, such a fun gift doesn't come without risk.  Allowing children to color on unusual surfaces can be confusing for the young (read:  Aliyah), despite long exhortations about how these markers are ONLY for the windows.  The very evening Theia got the markers, Aliyah walked about the house using them on any surface she could find.

The kitchen cabinets

and both sides

of the hallway leading to the bedrooms were her favorite surfaces.

When I was a young child, a visiting friend drew a VERY large (think size of a three year old child) picture of a face on my bedroom wall.  Even though we erased it with a pencil as best we could, the outline of that picture stayed on my wall until my parents sold the house many years later.  I can still visualize the details of the face in my mind, which is pretty amazing since I can't remember my name most days.  Thankfully, since then, the Magic Eraser has been invented and my walls are now free from the purple embellishments of my tiny artist.  I would like it, however, if she could vividly remember how not to color on my walls and cabinets until she's in her 30's.  Then she'll be old enough to Magic Erase her masterpiece herself.


  1. I had a red crayon picture on my closet wall for my whole childhood too. :)

  2. I love my Magic Eraser too. :)

  3. When she is older and feels guilty, tell Aliyah that her Auntie Beth scratched her name into my piano with a sharp object. No magic eraser can make that go away, so I will always have a reminder of my trip to Texas when I left Great-grandma Dort in charge of four small children, including one who had just learned how to spell her name...