Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bragging Rights

Our annual sprint classic was nearly derailed in 2013.

Attempt One:  One late summer evening, we drove ten minutes to the Richland County High School track.  Not finding it satisfactory for our purposes, we drove home and decided to  try our luck in Fargo.

Attempt Two:  We met in Fargo (about 25 minutes drive from Joe's parents' place) and  found the first high school track locked tight.  After an hour of driving and checking, we found EVERY high school and junior high school track locked up tight.  We stopped at a local elementary school, ate some Little Caesars pizza and played on their UNLOCKED playground.

Attempt Three:  After our move to Minneapolis in October, we decided to try our luck at our local high school running track.  That track and every track we checked near our home was locked tight.

Attempt Four:  A desperate plea to the University of Minnesota's track for students.  They gave us the name and number of someone we could contact.  Yada, yada, yada.

Attempt Five:  The Friday after Thanksgiving at a soccer field/running track enclosed by a blow up dome with artificial turf in a nearby suburb, Plymouth.  And finally, a success!

Here's the dome.

And here are the runners

the observers,

the runners,

the observers,

and so on.

The times for 2013 were as follows:

100 yard dash:
Xandra - 22.1
Theia - 24.63
Liyah - 29.46
Joey - 35.99
Joe - 13.14
Trisha - 27.42

1/4 mile run:
Xandra: 2.16 minutes
Theia: 2.30 minutes
Liyah:  3.08 minutes
Joe:  1.18 minutes
Trisha:  2.20 minutes

Yes.  It's sad, but true.  TWO of my kids were faster than me on the 100 yard dash and one beat me on the 1/4 mile run.  One of the many reasons why having lots of kids comes in handy.  While they beat me, I can still say I'm faster than FOUR of my kids.  No need to point out their ages: 4 years old, 3years old, 1 year old and 5 months old.  At this rate, my bragging rights will expire in approximately 6.5 years.  I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

In 6 years, that'll be me cryin' in my blanky.

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