Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleeping Aids

When Xandra was little we lived in a small two bedroom apartment in Minneapolis.  She shared her room with the TV, Xbox, and deep freeze.  In Joe's view, the coolest nursery we've ever had. 

 Tikvah's resting place has some similarities to Xandra's first nursery.  She sleeps in the laundry room with an extra fridge and deep freeze.  Sometimes to calm Tikvah, Gramma Mary will turn on the dryer.  It's unclear whether it's the sound of the dryer or the vibration on the floor that she finds calming, but either way, she's happy, and usually sleeping, when the machines are noisy.

Joey, in his ever helpful ways, has contributed what he thinks will help baby Tikvah sleep.

I found this lying next to her in the crib one afternoon when I went to change some laundry and she was wide awake instead of asleep.

I'm guessing it was the caffeine that was keeping her awake.

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