Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Different

We did most of our usual Easter activities this year, they just looked a little different.

We colored eggs at Gramma Mary's house

with cousins

and Auntie Laura.

Everyone got to do their own eggs this year

and that was well received.

We also got some fun bunny ears in our Easter baskets from Grandma (we celebrated the weekend before Easter with the whole crew).

No one was left out.  Not daddy and not Tikvah.

This is the whole Pull clan minus one cousin, Ingrid (and the two buns still in the Auntie ovens).

This is the best we could with our own wily crew.

Not impressive, but documented, just the same.

Easter morning we opened some makeshift baskets.

It was just the baskets that were makeshift.

The loot was good.

We attended services at Granma and Granpa's church, even though they were in Nebraska visiting Andy, Lisa and Ingrid.

Tikvah sported a brand new Easter dress sent from two Maryland friends.

After church we had lunch with Josh and Beth and their crew back at the Pull homestead.  I forgot to take pictures of our steak dinner, spinach salad, homemade rolls, cookie salad, jell-o, and rhubarb cream pie. It was delicious. Thanks Beth for providing most of the meal and giving this sleep-deprived mom a break.

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