Saturday, July 28, 2012

Musuem Goers

When you're living at Grandma's house, Mother's Day is twice the fun.  There are two moms to celebrate.  We decided we would give each mom their own day.  Joe and the kids spent the day with me on Saturday making me feel special, and on Sunday, we showered Grandma with some much deserved attention.  My day started with smoothie after my Saturday morning run.

Everyone helped.

After breakfast and a shower, we headed to Fargo to spend the day at Yunker Farm, a children's museum.

We had an unbeelievably fun time

dressing up

and experimenting with music,

and finding porcupines in the wild,

eating a picnic lunch,

and playing on the playground (even Tikvah!),

and waving at the passing train,

and showing off our annoying movie star sunglasses,

and running across a large field of dandelions,

and up big dirt mounds,

and conquering said dirt mounds,

with a little help from daddy,

and enjoying an unseasonably warm North Dakota spring day

as a family.

The girls also gave me flowers

and cards they made at library time earlier that week.

I also received a very mysteriously written, touching and funny note from Aliyah at church.  It's not pictured here.  I put it away in a box with other treasures, like the card pictured here, to reread and laugh about in years to come.

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