Saturday, July 14, 2012


In May we got to visit Grandma and Grandpa DeShon's house.  The kids  had a blast while we were at their house.

Among the highlights were playing with the sidewalk chalk Grandpa DeShon bought for us

(the above is a classic Xandra drawing: several people drawn with their initials over their heads and a rainbow connecting everything together.)

by tracing our hands,

making chalk dust,

and sharing it all with our lion friend (another highlight).

Joey didn't miss out on the fun, although he played with the chalk slightly differently than the girls. 

In between drawings, we did take time to eat

and Cousin Emma, everyone's favorite, joined us for quite a lot of the fun, including another of everyone's favorites:  mac n cheese.

Mugslee, however, was feeling left out.  We couldn't allow him to join the kids eating because the first night we were there he accidentally bit Aliyah's hand when he thought he was biting a hotdog.  His sense of smell is still working, but his eyes have all but given out on him.

When dinner was over, Joey followed things up with colored bubbles for dessert.

Everyone else just blew their (colored) bubbles

and chased them about the yard.

Cousin Nick joined in on some of the fun, too.

He's always one of the highlights of the trip, too.  He lets the girls hang on him, chase him and otherwise bother and annoy him.

So much fun.  So little time. 

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