Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After dinner clean up, the true festivities began.  Grandpa Tim, in an amazing turn around from previous years' yule log mishaps, actually trimmed off a small portion of this year's yule log and packed it in his suitcase.  It's good Gramps was on the ball because in the great clean up of 2011, in which Joe broke with the tradition of leaving the ENTIRE tree intact until Christmas Eve, our cut up and neatly stacked yule log disappeared into the wood pile or otherwise made its way to the local dump in the back of the van.  If it weren't for Grandpa Tim, there would have been no yule log.

There would also have been a lot less silliness (and heresy) at our Christmas celebration.

Once the yule log was on, the Christmas story read, and we listened to a Christmas song, the paper began flying.

The girls were quite excited at the Tinkerbell jammies and robe from Grandma & Grandpa DeShon.

Joey was quite excited to just be able to rip, tear and destroy something without getting in trouble.

Besides the cardboard boxes, Joey also liked his sippy cups. 

There were lots of craft supplies for the girls, which we all love.

lunchboxes, which are carted all over the house and rarely used for lunch,

nightgowns with matching bear nightgowns,

bear snugglis made by mama,

and lots of other beloved gifts!

After the presents, we always enjoy some hot cocoa (with marshmallows) in the chilly outdoors,

and then send the kids off to bed. 

The next morning the fun starts again with stockings.

All that little loot, makes little girls happy,

until Joey gets his hands on it

and starts eating the oranges.

After all the gifts the night before and the stockings that morning, that was all that was left to unwrap.

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