Thursday, January 19, 2012


Staying in Maryland for Christmas and having our home on the market altered a few of our traditional Christmas plans:  like celebrating Christmas on December 15th and buying a tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Instead, we left it all to the end:  Christmas on the 24/25 and tree purchasing on the 22nd.  It turns out that sometimes fortune smiles upon the procrastinators of this world.  Our late purchase allowed us both an adventure and a good deal.  For $15 we were able to visit a local tree farm/orchard and pick out our very own tree and cut it down.

It was a rather unseasonably warm day (notice the absence of jackets) as we ventured out with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tim to cut down our very own Christmas tree.

When we'd found the perfect tree, Grandpa offered to let the girls cut it down.

They decided instead, to supervise.  They had to give him some pointers on where to cut,

but eventually he figured it out.

After the tree felling,

he carried the tree for us,

until he got tired and couldn't carry it anymore.

Then daddy helped him carry it the rest of the way and tie it to the top of the van.
Once home, Grandpa Tim and Joe put it in its stand and hung the lights.

We turned off all the lights to admire their handiwork.

Then we turned on the Charlie Brown Christmas music and got to work decorating.

It all looks so serene and peaceful in picture.  Lest anyone have any doubts what it really was like, here are a few videos:

The next video is kind of long, but it captures a few funny things:
1.  Aliyah did not care anything about ornaments.  She just wanted to play with Gramps.  I don't think she hung a single one on the tree this year.
2.  Joey was oblivious.  He sure liked that box, though.  Midway through the video he broke the box, but that didn't stop him, he just carried on his merry way.

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