Friday, January 20, 2012

Final Preparations

For Joe and my family growing up, Christmas Eve was the time of gathering to celebrate Christmas.  This year, since Christmas was actually celebrated at our home on Christmas, we kept the Christmas Eve tradition alive.  Also in keeping with tradition is my tendency to wait until the last possible moment to wrap Christmas gifts.  On the morning of Christmas Eve, then, everyone was barred from the office while I wrapped gifts.  Everyone, that is, but the troublemaker.

He hung around to help.

After naps and graham cracker houses in the afternoon, the girls watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special while the final touches were put on dinner.

They were glued to the screen.

Dinner involved some traditions from home like cookie salad, jigglers, sparkling cider, and rolls,

and one item to celebrate our last Christmas in Maryland:

crab cakes (and hotdogs for the kids).

While the adults enjoyed dinner, the kids just wanted to get on with the show:  there was a pile of presents just waiting to be opened under that newly decorated Christmas tree!

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